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Auto Repair & Maintenance Questions

Q: My check engine light is on. What do I do?

Your vehicle will not be damaged if you drive with the check engine light on. However, you should visit your nearest auto repair shop to diagnose the issue and prevent any future problems.

Q: When do I need to change my oil?

To ensure proper vehicle maintenance and performance, it is important to change oil on a regular basis. Regular oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles versus synthetic oil, which needs to be changed every 5,000 miles.

Q: Why are my brakes squeaking?

If your brakes are making unusual sounds, it usually indicates unsafe brakes due to a weak brake pad. It is extremely important to have noisy brakes looked at by a skilled technician. A & A Any Car can assist you with getting your brakes back up to speed.

Q:Where do I get my hybrid car serviced?

Many hybrid cars have similar maintenance requirements as conventional vehicles including tires, brakes, shocks and oil changes. At A & A Any Car, our technicians are experienced with hybrid drive systems and can show you how to keep your car in optimal performance.
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